Hi there. Ryan and Jenny and Indie here. After an amazing year living in South Africa in 2011-2012, we thought it would be a good idea to experience Africa Time, a Second Time.

We live in Pretoria, and share our adventures, photos, videos, learnings, malva pudding recipes, and more on this blog.

For those who know Africa Time, our blog’s subtitle (“We’ll be with you just now”) will be either amusing or frustrating. For the uninitiated, “just now” can mean something like “between five minutes from now and never.” But we’d like to think that “We’ll be with you just now” can also mean “We’re with you in this moment, now, as you visit this site.” Awwww.

We hope to have some posts worthy of your time, African or otherwise. If not, you can return to that hilarious goat video now now. (Because, goats.)

Oh, and we know that Pretoria is in South Africa, and that Africa isn’t a country. (We also know Africa is a Country.) But if we use our heads and vacation time wisely, this site will feature stuff from all over the continent. Maybe even other continents.

In the meantime, you can drop us a line, ask a question, or tell us what’s what.