Safari through a Series of Tubes

Be careful what you wish for. If the thing you’re wishing for is fast, reliable internet, and you live in South Africa, you may want to make another wish.

Perhaps wish for excellent customer service a day without power outages punctual contractors a giant ring of sausage, instead.

Until recently, Jenny and I had been relying on tethered connections to our phones to provide internet access. The relatively fast (LTE) speeds came with a steep price, as mobile data is still more expensive. But we now have real, live DSL service. Sorta. It’s not exactly a dream come true. At least not yet.

In fact, it’s so slow that it took nearly 10 hours to upload 30 photos from our recent safari – a trip to Madikwe with our Chicago friends, the Dickens family.

A crisp morning drive at Madikwe
A crisp morning drive at Madikwe

Our internet provider says they can fix it/make it faster. I’m sure that will happen now now.

But the weak WiFi is no excuse for the 30-day gap between posts. That’s on me. And the security company (they’ve spent more than 30 hours in the house trying to fix the brand new alarm system). And the pool guy (he comes every Friday, except when he doesn’t, and sometimes Friday means Saturday). And the constant requests for certified copies of seemingly meaningless documents (we actually had to sign a letter “proving” that we live together) and all of the other weird, wacky, and wonderful things that gives this blog its name.

We’ll try to pick up the pace, and post as often as our internet allows.

Until then, we’ll be here, doing non-internet things. Yawn…

Magic Hour = Tired Time
Magic Hour = Tired Time

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