A Suitable Work Environment?

Jenny and I are working from home today. That’s right: we are officially moved in, mostly unpacked, and completely bewildered by all the light switches in this place, most of which seem to do absolutely nothing. It is the Spooky House, after all.

We’ll save the interior pics for when we actually have all the furniture in the right place and all the artwork on the walls. For now, we only wish to share a view from our home office, which today happens to be the patio table above the (temporarily very green) swimming pool:

Our view from the "office" today. If this is winter, we'll take it...
Our view from the “office” today. If this is winter, we’ll take it…

Our brother-in-law, Zach, famously once said that “work is for suckers.” Maybe, but working from here doesn’t suck too bad.

2 thoughts on “A Suitable Work Environment?

  1. Love the picture. One day I hope to serve you coffee on that patio while you are working….of course!


    1. A lovely thought, but you’ll be too busy tearing your hair out over the lighting situation inside the house. When you’re finished, though, I will gladly serve YOU coffee on the patio…


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