Welcome to the Spooky House

We finally got (one set of) keys to our new house yesterday!

Long story.

Turns out the purchase price included the previous owner and a bunch of her stuff!

Longer story…

Today, Jenny and I — and Ephney and her daughter Katso — spent several harried hours cleaning the kitchen, deodorizing carpets, washing walls, directing deliveries (the fridge is too big, by the way…like, American big), and generally preparing for tomorrow, when a dark green truck will pull up, open its doors, and vomit everything we don’t remember moving from Chicago all over our driveway. Seriously, we haven’t seen any of that stuff since last August. (Wonder how many rats have seen it. And those damned Somali pirates better not have taken our good potato peeler.)

The house is also too big. It’s like the fridge, except the doors to the house don’t bang against the oddly placed wall of cookery. It’s so big, and so full of spiders and goggas and other creepy-crawlies, that Ephney started calling it the Spooky House.

Do these steps lead to impending death, or to a nicely remodeled bathroom in the guest flat?
Do these steps lead to impending death, or to a nicely remodeled bathroom in the guest flat?

We’ll try to send you evidence of ghosts as they float by (maybe via Snapchat?), as well as pics of how the place is shaping up.

In the meantime, please enjoy a short video of one of the house’s most interesting features: a dog that seems to suddenly appear from nowhere, and that looks exactly like Indie. It’s actually pretty spooky.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Spooky House

  1. Ryan…aka my favorite “wordsworth”…I always thoroughly enjoy your posts, photos, and spooky dogs. Love Indie’s friendly dog/ stalker dog postures.

    peace, love, and adventures,


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