Life moves pretty fast

We had a wicked, wicked thunderstorm in Pretoria today. The summer storms can be intense. Thick bolts of lightning pierce the clouds and dance around and behind the green koppies. Then (one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand) the sky splinters violently, as thunder cracks sharply before rolling its massive barrels toward the other side of town.

The rain, today, came in slow but heavy drips at first, as though the landlord forgot to fix that leaky pipe. But it quickly became a proper storm, with wind-blown sheets of water drenching the green grass, brown buildings, and red dirt (now mud) across the entire campus. Across the whole city, from leafy suburb to tin-roofed township.

After the rain, as the African summer sun found its way back to the stage from behind that gray curtain, I took Indie for a walk. She didn’t notice the two creatures at first, or else she ignored them. But I stopped to get a closer look.

I’m glad I did, as they reminded me that while it’s been a hectic pace these past few weeks, sometimes ya just gotta slow down and appreciate. Ferris Bueller was right: Life moves pretty fast.

We are fortunate to be here, in this wonderfully mixed up place, and have great friends and supportive family in all the places we call home. I just needed a little backyard safari, and these guys, to remind me.




One thought on “Life moves pretty fast

  1. Looks like centipede grass…correct?
    We LOVE to read your entries and would love to learn what takes you there…?


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