Safari, So Good

Safari, So Good

On Thursday, before we said more sad goodbyes to family and friends, Sylvie and I were reading one of her new favorite books: Safari, So Good. It’s a captivating tale of kids riding in an Animal Viewer and learning about all the wonderful animals you can see and experiences you can have on safari. Very cool.

This post is about rental cars and sleepy dogs, so…

Really, it’s just a quick note to say that the journey has begun. We collected the grandest of Dodge Caravans from Midway Airport this morning, loaded it with six (definitely not overweight) duffels, two carry-ons, two backpacks, one dog crate, and one skeptical-but-not-gonna-stay-in-that-empty-house dog.

Grandly Loaded Caravan
Note the luggage scale keeping an eye on the bags, like a trainer making sure those big losers don’t eat another Snickers.


The drive to Western PA was pretty easy, despite a couple of hiccups with the rental, and some talk about swapping vehicles in Pittsburgh (or possibly Cleveland). But we carried on, diligently. And vigilantly. Sorta:

Nope, I'm awake!
Nope, I’m awake!

Tomorrow, it’s Whereverweare, PA to JFK. But, for now, safari, so good.

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