We’re going back…

Hi there. Ryan and Jenny (and Indie) here with giant news: We’re moving back to South Africa.

On December 14, we’ll load up a giant rental car with a road trip playlist, the most terrifying dog kennel on the planet, and all the clothes that six moderately giant duffel bags can zip up. We’ll drive to a giant city* (New York). On December 16, we’ll get on a giant airplane and fly to Johannesburg.

This time, it’ll be a giant stay.

Yep, for the next five years or so, we’ll be back in Pretoria, where Jenny will take on an exciting new role at the University of Pretoria. Ryan is (OK, let’s cut the third-person…we all know who writes these) I am exploring some interesting options and hope to have an employment update soon. Indie is preparing to resume her position as part-time dassie chaser and full-time staring contest champion.

We’re excited to begin this next adventure, and to return to the places and people that inspired us during our Africannum — our first year in (South) Africa. But we’re also sad to leave Chicago, and our family and friends in the US. We hope to be back often for visits, and certainly welcome visitors to SA.

In the meantime, we invite you to follow us here, on the blog. We plan to update often, sharing stories and photos, answering questions, and occasionally taking dictation from Indie.

It’s Africa Time, a Second Time.**

Here we go.

*Giants city?

**For an explainer on the blog name, check the About page.

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